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Title: Hello from Austin, TX! Intro + Micro Review
Post by: EriChanHime on September 01, 2016, 05:27:56 pm
I received my Mountain Ocarinas yesterday, and I already love them! They came quite quickly (although my apartment office misplaced the package for several days!), and all my interactions with Susan/customer service were amazing. I now have a poly G and a poly C (second quality, which was on purpose), along with the Learning curriculum and all the songbooks they offered. I have plenty of regular music books, practice texts left over from violin lessons in high school, and hymnals, but I really liked the idea of books specifically for the range of the instrument I wanted to learn. Nothing is more frustrating right now than playing through a song I love only to realize the finale or the chorus has one or two notes out of range.

When I first pulled everything out of the box (which was nicely padded, by the way), I tried both and sounded awful. Wandered away to cook dinner, came back a few hours later and BAM, perfect sound. Who knows what I was doing weird the first time. I am delighted at the rich sound these instruments produce, and Iím surprised that even the G doesnít hurt my ears the way my transverse Focalink Alto C can. Itís also possible to stay in tune with much softer breath on the MO inlines, which is exciting. I live in an apartment, so being able to play them a little more quietly is important for me.

I have only been playing the ocarina for two weeks! I went from watching videos on YouTube to owning 4 of them in that time! I now have two 12-hole transverse (Ocarina Wind clay and Focalink plastic) and two inline (my MO C & G). I am delighted that the fingering for the inlines actually lines up fairly similarly to my transverse, so I feel confident trying both styles at the same time. My musical experience ranges from choir and voice training to violin lessons, so at least my sheet music reading skills are coming back. Mostly I am working hard to learn the sound, fingering, and visual note together, all at once.

Iíve really enjoyed reading in the forums here. Thank you all for such helpful discussion! I look forward to joining in more now that I have my instruments. Most of my other free time is spent reading (sci-fi, a lot of the time), watching movies, sewing/costuming, or cooking. I have missed making music, and the idea of instruments that didnít require constant by hand tuning hugely appealed to me. Iím definitely enjoying myself on this journey!


Title: Re: Hello from Austin, TX! Intro + Micro Review
Post by: Harp Player on September 02, 2016, 06:06:19 am
I am glad to see that you found your way here as well. I hope you enjoy your journey.

Title: Re: Hello from Austin, TX! Intro + Micro Review
Post by: EriChanHime on September 02, 2016, 02:38:27 pm
Thank you! I'm having a fantastic time so far. Spent about an hour practicing last night, and I got through the first two lessons, plus additional appendix songs, in the MO learning curriculum, as well as some C Major songs in the Carols and Hymns books (love those things). The sheet music thing is slowly coming back. :)