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Title: Bridge Over Untroubled Water
Post by: d102 on December 17, 2017, 08:25:57 am

Yesterday here was bright clear and cold (that's UK type cold, around freezing not the US/Canada version of -20 degrees or lower) I was out and about in the beautiful ancient city of Canterbury and as a much needed  break from the shopping took a walk through the park in the winter sunshine.  Walking along the footpath under the bridge  of the main road I noticed the echo.  I had a MO G in my pocket and could not resist.  The little Ocarina filled the space as though it was plugged into a powerful amplifier and the reverb really made it sound good even with my playing (cold fingers did not help).  So after a final chorus of "Cold blows the Wind" it was back to the warm but overcrowded shops.  Definitely the best bit of the day.

Might have been my imagination but the cold air seemed to make the MO sound, brighter? slightly higher in pitch?  Anyone else noticed this?

First time I had tried playing in a space like that, but I will be repeating the experience when I have some fingerless gloves or the weather warms up a bit.

Give it a try if you can find a similar space assuming of course that you have not already.

Personally I would love to try out the ocarina in the Cathedral but have a feeling that it would upset rather a lot of people if I tried.