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Title: Celtic ornamentation
Post by: RW_eagle on October 24, 2008, 01:04:48 am
My biggest challenge has been adding ornamentation to the music I play.  I got pretty good, not great, at doing it on a practice chanter for the bagpipes, but I'm not getting the hang of it with my MOs.  I also sometimes forget to add vibrato while I'm playing because I get too focused on the notes I'm trying to play.

Rob W

Title: Re: Celtic ornamentation
Post by: Spatolo on October 24, 2008, 09:29:19 am
My opinion is that celtic ornamentation in ocarina is just harder than on a chanter, a whistle, or any other "tubular" instrument. I don't know the physical reasons behind this, but with the "tube" instrument I can get a much quicker response to make crisp ornamentation.
The ocarina is a lot more suited to bending the pitch indeed. That's somethink I like a lot, perhaps with a GREAT amount of practice it could be even used to play music based on a oriental scale (where the octave is subdivided in more than 12 intervals).

anyhow; cuts and strikes and the like CAN be definitely be done on the ocarina: actually the only difference in my opinion is that the whistle and co. are more forgiving if your movements are not very fast like a thunder; while on the ocarina you would feel the note sliding up and down. But, if you do "ornamentate" the proper way, fast, with relaxed fingers, and a good trained muscle memory, it will sound just great on both instruments.

This is harder to apply on the thumbs as I discussed in another thread; but I'm sure it can be done with the bottom holes too, only with a even greater amount of practice. We are talking about something very advanced, anyhow... :)