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January 22, 2020, 09:30:03 pm *
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Author Topic: show tunes (public domain)  (Read 2188 times)
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« on: January 25, 2011, 12:09:42 am »

I just submitted a tab for "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Jesus Christ Superstar."  According to the magic of Google, it's in the public domain.  I'm not quite sure how to find it again now that I've submitted it; anyone know where those go once you click submit?

http://octabs.appspot.com/score/?title=I+Don%27t+Know+How+to+Love+Him+%28edit%29&print=N&shift=0&oc=G&tabsize=sm&staff=N&mopitches=a-10+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+a-10+f-6+918+d-3+e-5+f-6+g-8+920+a-10+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+f-6+d%27-15+c%27-13+918+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+a-10+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+918+e-5+d-3+c-1+917+a-10+a-10+f-6+c-1+917+a-10+%5Ea-11+c%27-13+c%27-13+f-6+g-8+f-6+c%27-13+c%27-13+f-6+918+f-6+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+f-6+g-8+920+a-10+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+f-6+d%27-15+c%27-13+918+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+a-10+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+918+a-10+f-6+c-1+917+a-10+a-10+f-6+c-1+917+a-10+%5Ea-11+c%27-13+c%27-13+f-6+g-8+f-6+c%27-13+c%27-13+f-6+918+f-6+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+f-6+g-8+917+f-6+f-6+e-5+f-6+920+f-6+f-6+d-3+f-6+g-8+918+g-8+g-8+e-5+g-8+a-10+918+a-10+a-10+f-6+a-10+%5Ea-11+918+%5Ea-11+%5Ea-11+a-10+%5Ea-11+c%27-13+918+c%27-13+c%27-13+c%27-13+%5Ed%27-16+%5Ed%27-16+d%27-15+c%27-13+%5Ea-11+d%27-15+c%27-13+918+%5Ea-11+a-10+f-6+g-8+g-8+920+a-10+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+f-6+d%27-15+c%27-13+918+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+a-10+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+918+g-8+e-5+d-3+c-1+918+a-10+a-10+f-6+c-1+918+a-10+c%27-13+c%27-13+f-6+c%27-13+d%27-15+c%27-13+f-6+f-6+%5Ea-11+a-10+g-8+f-6+g-8+918+f-6+f-6+e-5+f-6+918+a-10+a-10+g-8+f-6+g-8+g-8+f-6+918+f-6+f-6+e-5+f-6+920+920&rewrite=N&review=Y&k=None seems to be the painfully long link.  Is there a shorter way?   Undecided

BTW, the first ten notes are introductory and can be skipped...

I plan to do more show tunes as my schedule permits.  Doing tabs is so much more fun than working on my dissertation.


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