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Author Topic: From Clarinet to Ocarina  (Read 1609 times)
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« on: November 30, 2011, 09:44:59 pm »

Hi all!

I mentioned in my introduction post that I played the clarinet for 8ish years, and was asked to talk about what it's like going from clarinet to ocarina, so I figured this would be an appropriate category to put it under!

I just began playing last week, and I'd have to say the most challenging part of the transition is the air required to get the best sound.  Since I have the Poly C Ocarina, it requires a lot more precise air pressure than the clarinet, which to a certain extent you can just honk into.  I'm definitely still getting that part down!
Aside from that, it's a very easy and fun thing to learn!  Since as a clarinet player I already know the basic fingering idea as well as how to read music, the only real challenges are the different air you need and the shift--on the ocarina, almost every note is shifted down one finger from the clarinet.  Then the chromatic fingerings are just completely different XD

But overall, moving from clarinet to ocarina definitely made the transition easier than starting from scratch, or at least I believe so.  And it definitely makes music easier--I'd much rather wear my Poly C around to my classes than lug my Bb Clarinet case through the halls!  Taking up the ocarina is definitely a relaxing, welcome break from the larger instruments.


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