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January 25, 2020, 09:38:07 pm *
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Author Topic: Far Over Misty Mountains Cold  (Read 3142 times)
Pat Anderson
Full Member
Posts: 244

« on: December 25, 2012, 09:04:53 pm »

OK, just went to the Hobbit yesterday, son Austin was seeing it for third time, wife for second!  This was a great movie, can hardly wait for the next parts!  So naturally, we need the ABC!

T:Far Over Misty Mountains Cold
z2 z2 B,2 D2 | E4 z2 G2 | A2 BA G2 F2 | E8 |
z2B,2 E2 F2 | F8- | F2 z2 D2 A2 | GF E6 |
z2 B,2 B,2 D2 | E4 E4- | E2 GA G2 F2 | D2 E4 z2 |
B,2 E2 F2 F2 | F8 | z2 GA G2 F2 | E2 F6 |
z2 G2 A4 | F2 B6- | B2 G2 A2 E2 | F8 |
z2 B,2 D2 F2 | G4 G4 | z F3 D E3- | E8 |]

Full Member
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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2013, 08:26:32 pm »

I worked out a version I think is pretty close to the way it was sung in the film. It sounds good on both the G and C-ocs, but especially on the C-oc.  I tried lowering the pitch (in the key of E-flat), but that version is harder to play and doesn't quite sound as good on the C-oc.

T:Misty Mountains Cold
C: Howard Shore
z z D F | G2-G/z/ B | c d/c/ B A | G4 |z D G A | A4|
w: Far o-ver_ the|mis- ty * moun- tains cold To dun- geons deep
z B c B/A/ | G4-|G/ z  B c3/2 | A/ d3- d/ | zB c3/2 G/ A- | A3 z |  D F A B- |
w:and ca- verns * old_ We must a- way_  'ere break of day _To find our long
B2 c/B/ | A F G2-|G2 z D| D F  G|G3  z| (B3/2{/c} B/ A) F | G4|
w:* for-_ got-ten gold *The pines were roar- ing  o-on_ the height
z D G A | A A3 | (B{/c} B/ A) G | A4 | z A c A | d4 |
w: The winds were moan- ing i-in_ the night The fire was red
z B  c3/2 G/ |A4 | z D F A | B B3 | A3/2 F/ G- | G4 ||
w: It fla-ming spread The trees like tor-ches blazed with light

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