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Author Topic: Colonel Bogey March  (Read 3445 times)
Full Member
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« on: August 03, 2013, 08:40:47 pm »

The time signature should be 2:4, but when I try to change it in an abc editor, all the note durations get halved.  There's a high F at the end - blow hard!

T:Colonel Bogey March
S:http://www.h2g2.com/entry/A11653021 - modified
S:Composed by Lt. F J Ricketts alias Kenneth J. Alford in 1914
C:Kenneth J. Alford
C:(Lt. F J Ricketts, 1881-1945)
c z B3/2A/2 | GE CE | GG/2A/2 GG/2A/2 | G4||
!segno!(GE) z/2 z2 | z (E F G | .e) z .e z |c4 |
(GE/2) z/2 z2 | z (EFE | .G) z .G z | F4 | (FD/2) z/2 z2 | z (DEF) |
(GE/2) z/2 z2 | z (E^F3/2E/2) | (DG) z E | (^FD) z A | G4- | G G/2G/2G G | (GE/2) z/2 z2 |
z (EFG | .e) z .e z | c4 | (GE/2) z/2 z2 |  z (EFE | .G) z .G z | F4 |
(FD/2) z/2 z2 | z (ABA) | (cG) z2 | z (GFE) | (DA/2) z/2 z C | (B,G/2) z/2 z B, | c4-|!fine! c z z2||
z z/ | E/ E3/2E/|c3 B|(3A^GA =G3/2F/|E6|^D3/2E/|A2 ^G3/2A/|
c2A2|^d4-|d2 ^d|e3 d|cBA ^G3/2A/|d4|z f e3/2d/|c2 B3/2c|A4"^D.S. al Fine"|G4|]

Pat Anderson
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« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2013, 05:40:53 am »

Nice! I will definitely be working on playing this one!

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